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Damaged people…

Damaged people…

When you naturally have a healing

aura, you attract a lot of damaged

people, and having them in your life

could drain your energy to the max.  A

reminder that it’s not your job to heal

everyone that you encounter. You

can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take

care of yourself first.

~Christopher Walken


It is really important TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Many times people who are empathetic, or some type of healers,

don’t think of themselves as needing care until they get sick and crash.

It is so important to them to take care of everyone else in their life,

that they don’t think about themselves needing help in any way.

When they find themselves totally drained in energy and health,

they learn the hard way that they too are human

and in need of

love and care.

Life is about balance.

Be sure to take care of yourself

before trying to give

from an empty cup.

It is not your job

to heal everyone.


We do

all have





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Remember to Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!

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