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When you heal…

When you heal…


You stop attracting

certain people

when you heal

the parts of you

that once

needed them

~Healing Hearts




At times in life,

you may be in need of someone to listen to your problems,

and hope that they will resonate with you,

and be able to understand you,

and help you.


The more you talk together, the closer you get.


Sharing and discovering the sameness in each other.


Finding a lot in common and knowing more about each other

with every conversation.


There are family stories, and divorce stories, children stories,

this happened to me stories, and that happened to me too stories.


After all the sharing and talking and understanding,

there comes a point where two people are on the same level of vibration or being.


They are compassionate and caring.


They agree on so many things, and share so many issues

that they feel very close to each other,

as if they are meant to be together forever.

They have so much in common



Perhaps even soul mates.

  • Everything clicks together
  • Everything resonates
  • Everything is the same
  • Everything is love and kisses


And then one person gets tired of the same old repetitive things

and they expand a little bit.


They move into a different realm of thinking


the other person doesn’t.

So this causes division.


One person realizes that talking about issues over and over just brings more issues to talk about.

And the other one still has a lot more issues to share.


At that point the talking becomes someone complaining

about something and the other one noticing the negativity

and judging the conversation adversely.


So the comradery is starting to divide more and more because as someone heals,

and grows,

the other one doesn’t.



And now agreement isn’t important anymore.

  • It isn’t needed.
  • It isn’t relevant
  • It doesn’t matter


There is nothing left to agree on.

Nothing left to talk about.



As each one searches for a new person to

resonate with, who will be

able to understand,

and adore you for who you are

in your current

frame of mind.







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Be happy,
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Live – Laugh – Love

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now…




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