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The more you need…

The more you need…



The more you need people

to agree with you, the less

open you are to what they

think, feel, and believe.

You cannot share with them

because you are trying to

change them, and they cannot

share with you because

you are not listening.

~Gary Zukav




Have you ever tried to talk to someone

who was just waiting for you to finish

talking so that they could state their side of the story?


They didn’t hear a word you were saying.

And they didn’t care about a word you were saying either.


People like that have a hard time

keeping a relationship together.


It’s so one sided that it’s not really a relationship at all.


They don’t know how to listen

because they are so busy trying to “right”

themselves through conversation

and just have someone agree with them.


Some even feel that the louder they are

the more believable or powerful they are also.


Neither of these acts keep a relationship going.


They actually separate people because no one wants to

actually listen to the other side

to understand or be compassionate.


Try being a little more open

and learning to communicate

in a better way to enhance your life

and relationship experiences.






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