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Focus on you…

If you want to be happy, don’t take

stuff personal, let things go, let people be.

Focus on you, your mental health, your spiritual health

and your wellbeing physically and financially.


Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life 

  · Remember what others say and do does not define you in any way,

it is a perception of what they see and feel. So don’t take on their personal energy as if it’s you, because it is not.

Speak up in a strong kind way if it feels like the right thing to do, or most often we simply walk away and wish them

well from afar. People who say really hurtful things are just not worth your time and energy. 💯


If you need help raising your energy level, or vibration,

contact me at “Linda L Young.com” for more information,

or for ongoing, upcoming events and classes.

Remember to Live life to the fullest – Every day,

and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!

Do what you LOVE.

Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Live – Laugh – Love

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now…

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