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For most, disappointment isn’t the problem; it’s what
they do after they feel disappointment – they quit.

Disappointment is just the excuse small people use to justify

their urge to quit and to enjoy a life of ease over the hard work and trial necessary for real achievements.

More conscious people see disappointment as a common

and harmless reality of having high aims and standards.

If we are not disappointed from time to time, we are not attempting anything new or bold or significant. So let

us realize disappointment is necessary and holds no real

power over us. In truth, disappointment often dies when

we adopt a learning mindset. Rather than being saddened

or frustrated to a point of failure, we must simply become

curious, asking, “What can I learn here that will help me alter my approach?

What lessons must I understand so that next time I can be even more of my best self

and provide even more of my best service to the world?”

~ Brendon Burchard – Live. Love. Matter.

The Motivation Manifesto




Disappointment can be viewed in a number of ways.


The easier it is for you to deal with it,

the easier it will be for you to get on with your life after facing it.


If you make a lot out of something that you don’t think went right, you may end up suffering a lot.

You may even feel devastated.


Being flexible allows you to weave in and out of various situations

without being affected by them adversely, or being disappointed.


Do your best to allow your life to happen

without holding on too tightly or trying to influence someone else’s fate.


Accept disappointment like a grain of salt.

Small and insignificant yet necessary in the flavors of life.





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