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It seems, as a society we were

taught that competition and 

victory will bring rewards.  As

soon as we start school, we are

taught to win.  This leads us to

believe that in order to be

loved, admired, or rewarded,

we need to compete.  This is a

misconception that only

negates community wellness

but also drives separation.

~author unknown



Competition is good if it is done in a way that enhances everyone involved.


Let’s say that you are running a race.

You can compete with yourself to improve your running time.

You can compete with others to improve your skills, and relationships.

You can compete with others to enhance your momentum.


You don’t always have to win to be in a good competition,

but that is what our society has taught us.


I think it’s the “I won and you didn’t” attitude that is deceiving.

To “One up” someone else, only causes more division.

It may make you feel good for a moment to win,

but it won’t make a lasting improvement.


Because when you have to “one up” anyone,

you are not coming from a heart centered feeling of love and compassion.


The very spirit of competition is that of being better than anyone else.

And when you feel that you have to be “better than” anyone,

you are causing division rather that unity.


If you really want to feel

loved, admired, or rewarded,

you need to search for better feeling thoughts and actions.


Being complimentive rather than competitive.


Encouraging others to feel like they are the best they can be,

instead of making them feel less than someone else.


When you only compete with yourself,

you become stronger and better than you were before,

allowing yourself to be the best you can be,

without effecting anyone else’s desires,

or putting them down.


And that’s the only way to have a

WIN, WIN outcome.

Where everybody wins

and everybody improves



There is so much satisfaction in a situation like that.


Seeing yourself improve and seeing others be the best they can be at the same time

is so much more rewarding than just seeing yourself as the “WINNER“.


In other words, everyone becomes a WINNER.


There really is no competition with yourself.


There is only powerful creation;

  • Only improvement.
  • Only acceptance.
  • Only allowing.
  • Only desire.
  • Only hope.
  • Only love.


When you find something that you want,

and launch a rocket of desire towards it,

you call that to yourself through a vibrational version

as you achieve the feeling of well being and focus.


Where all is well and no one has to compete

or cause division with anyone else.


Standing in alignment with yourself.






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Remember to Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!

Do what you LOVE.
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Live – Laugh – Love

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