You ignored me…

You ignored me,

I lost interest.

It’s as simple as


~ author unknown


Healthy people live in a different world than other people who are constantly surrounded with drama.

For someone who doesn’t attract a lot of drama, even a little extra pushed their way is TOO MUCH. And so unnecessary.

Of all the words you can say to someone, the ones you choose rule the conditions and attitudes at hand.

If the conversation is filled with animosity or diagnosis that doesn’t really fit, one feels distanced enough to feel unheard or ignored.

So naturally that would causes a riff that ends up where one just looses interest.

My Mom used to tell us “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Sometimes I think my Mom is the only one who taught that, because being nice sure seems to be hard for some of the people I know.

They just want to be heard, or justify themselves feeling “right” about something, once again completely ignoring your presence as a person with feelings.


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