What would be my highest and best?

What would be my highest and best?

It displeases me intensely

when individuals don’t carry on

as I think they ought to.

Particularly when I feel

that they are being meanlindalady

to me or anyone else.

I don’t care for it by any means.

So the inquiry I toy with, again and again,

is the question of what to do about it?

Do I turn into a complete loner

keeping in mind the end goal is to get away from

other individuals’ activities or insults

against me?

It appears like it could be

a desolate life ahead.

Despite the fact that I fill myself

with all the natural


for example, eating, and drinking,

and resting, and painting,

fraternity and companions,

furthermore, working, and composing,

what’s more, cultivating,

what’s more, long, extravagant, soaks

in the tub.

There still is by all accounts something


I yearn for affection and association with another extraordinary individual.

Somebody who comprehends me and thinks about me profoundly.

Somebody who realizes that a relationship is on going,

ever new and developing.

Somebody who is patient and kind,

loving and meriting.

A life accomplice not only an existence taker,

not so tainted by his past that he can’t live in the “NOW”

Savvy enough to know and not make the

same mistakes again and again.

Also, when I consider to what extent I have

been scanning for this “Somebody”

And all the conceivable “ones” I’ve met

throughout the years, I understand that

I must be the one.

That nobody else will love me more than I cherish myself.

I need to deeply think about myself and love myself and at exactly that point will I pull in another person that can love me at the level I am searching for. After all – on the chance that I don’t love myself as much as other people with the depth I need, I am being as shallow and needy as they seem to be.

So does that make me shallow and needy? I would like to think not, but rather that is the thing that the law of attraction says. You pull in what you are. Not what you need, as the vast majority think, but rather you really draw in what you are.

Life is a procedure and the more I take in, the more I understand that I have more to learn. Be that as it may, I do think we are all doing as well as can be expected with what we have. That being said, I have never been more joyful or more adjusted and focused than I am at this moment. I cherish my life and every one of the people in it. So in the event that it takes being cheerful to pull in another person that is upbeat, I think I am doing great. I have a great, positive vibration, good vitality, and work in the field of healing, which I adore.

The thing is – now that I have opportunity, and companions and cash to do things, I don’t really require that other individual any more. I figure that gives another person the flexibility to pick whether they need me in their life likewise, not being a needy type of circumstance.

Opportunity is great as is life – whether you live it solo or with any sort of noteworthy other, the most essential thing is to live it now – not sitting tight or waiting for another person to show up and make you complete.

Simply be happy yourself regardless!


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Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now!

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

© 2016 Linda L Young.com


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