Trauma rewires our brains…

“Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewires them for protection. That’s why healthy relationships are difficult for wounded people.” ~Ryan North


There are many different kinds of trauma, but every kind is damaging and is felt in different degrees of severity.

When trauma is at a high level, it causes an immediate response from the autonomic nervous system called the “fight of flight” response. That is why people tend to flee from danger in time to save their lives. It is a natural response.

The fact that their response is automatic and immediate is what protects them. They react or flee from danger before they are harmed physically.

After the immediate danger is over, the person returns to a more normal or relaxed state.

Our brains are wired for connection but if the trauma is replayed or renewed in someone’s life they still may have an off response. A response that makes healthy relationships difficult or even impossible.

In fact, that is what PTSD is all about. It is stress that stays with people and resurfaces long after an incident is over.

Therefore, the more trauma a person has experienced, the more difficulty they may experience coping with relationship issues.


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