Let down or trusted…

Let down or trusted…


We are often let down by

the most trusted people

and loved by the most

unexpected ones.  Some

make us cry for things

that we haven’t done,

while others ignore

our faults and just

see our smile.  Some 

leave us when we need

them the most, while

some stay with us even

when we ask them to leave.

The world is a mixture of

people. We just need to

know which hand to shake

and which hand to hold.

After all, that’s life;

learning to hold on

and learning to let go.

~Soul Whispers





Life is a series of events

known as your own personal journey.


Each person has their own journey

where they interact with a variety of people and events.


Things don’t always go the way we panned,

but they go the way they are meant to be

to cause us to go to the next level of being.


So don’t take it personal when someone

disappoints you or acts in a way that is unexpected.


Take the lesson for what it’s worth

and go on with your own life in the best way you can.


Being happy and full of joy.


Learning when to hold on and when to let go.





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Remember to Live life to the fullest – Every day,

and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!


Do what you LOVE.
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Live – Laugh – Love
Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now…



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