Happiness is…

Happiness is…

Happiness is like a butterfly;

the more you chase it,

the more it will elude you,

but if you turn your attention

to other things, it will

come and sit softly

on your shoulder…



Sometimes when you chase after something, or someone, they feel the “chase” and want nothing more than to elude or get some space from you.

It may feel like too much pressure to them.  Give your situation some time and see if the person or thing of interest changes their feelings and comes closer to you.

The situation may have a lot of variances that need to be resolved.  They may have some things to look at before you can become of interest to them.

If you focus on something else, it leaves a space to fill and in time the object of your attention will feel free enough to come to you without feeling any pressure about it.  lt also gives some time for other issues to be resolved and harmony to evolve.



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Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!

Do what you LOVE.
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!


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