Dis-connect from the Drama. Re-connect with the Divine

Dis-connect from the Drama. Re-connect with the Divine

Sometimes life presents itself with a lot of opportunities.  Some of these opportunities look really good, but after pursuing them for a while the reality shows up, and it is apparent that what seemed to be a good thing ends up as more of a distraction that takes up your time and energy.  When this is a person or persons, friends, lovers, or whatever, and you find your energy or positive vibration being drained, it is good to stop and

re-evaluate your relationships.

It may, in fact just be a lot of ” DRAMA”

Look at each part of your life and determine where your energy is going.  Every time you interact with someone, there is an exchange of energy.  If you are not lifted up or encouraged, you are being drained or taken down.  Energy flows like water, from the highest sources to any lower plain.  So if someone calls and complains about their life, even if it is important and necessary to them to get their story out, they are really just dumping their waste on you.  They are sharing their drama with you and adding it to your life.

So what do you do with it?  If you join their quest in any way – you then join them at their level.  Even just being compassionate or empathetic works this same way.  When you listen to some one else’s drama, you can’t help but become a part of it.

Maybe it is time to re-connect with others.

There is no better feeling than to be connected in life.  It is a feeling of love, and belonging.

Being connected is like having a loving family surrounding you with their complete unconditional love.

Everything is right.  Nothing is wrong.  It’s the warm, snuggly feeling like having a little fuzzy pet kitty purring contently in your lap.

It is a place where you can be yourself.  Your total self.  Safe and free from all judgement and slander.

The purpose of life seems to be to acquaint a man with himself and whatever science or art or course of action he engages in reacts upon and illuminates the recesses of his own mind. Thus friends seem to be only mirrors to draw out and explain to us ourselves; and that which draws us nearer our fellow man, is, that the deep Heart in one, answers the deep Heart in another, — that we find we have (a common Nature) — one life which runs through all individuals, and which is indeed Divine.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Connecting with the Divine…

God does not constrain us to have faith in him, however he could.

Rather, he has given adequate confirmation of his presence for us to eagerly react to him.

The world’s ideal separation from the sun, the special synthetic properties of water, the human cerebrum, DNA, the quantity of individuals who validate knowing God, the biting in our souls and brains to figure out whether God is there, the readiness for God to be known through Jesus Christ and many other ways.

All of these things add to the reasons to connect to God, but most of all it is the LOVE of God that we are all seeking and desire.  The more we connect, the more God shows his love and awesome presence to us in varied ways.  It is the closeness we seek, feeling the connection of our fellow humans and the divine connection of God and the spiritual world known as the source of universal consciousness, along with Angels and other celestial beings.


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Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now!

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

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