Being honest…

A real man has nothing to hide. He will tell you the truth about whatever you want to know. Because he knows that if he’s honest with you, you will trust him no matter what. That’s the sign of a man that wants to grow with you. ~ author unknown


Honesty is one of the most important things practiced when trying to establish a friendship that could possibly turn into a relationship.

Without honesty you really don’t have anything.

What is any kind of acquaintance that is built on lies and half truths?

It is nothing that can grow into anything but more lies.

What kind of a person is so insecure that he or she has to lie about things in the beginning of a relationship?

Someone who is feeling pretty bad about him/her self, obviously, or someone who just doesn’t have any boundaries or respect for him/her self or any one else.

Perhaps the goal is short termed and the truth doesn’t matter at all, just getting the prize sought after because the intention is to move on as soon as possible after scoring anyway.

A real man will be consistent in telling you the truth though, especially if he wants to grow with you, knowing that establishing trust is a must from the beginning to the end.


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