Backroad stairs…

up ahead

there are possibilities.

up ahead

there are choices.

new beginnings

new loves new losses

new perspectives

new ways to see things.

new ways things can be.

up ahead

we can make a new world

the way it oughta be.

new hopes

new dreams.

it ONLY has to be

the way it’s ALWAYS been

until it’s NOT that way ANY MORE.

until the hatred ends

until the anger the blaming the …

until ALL of it just stops.

It’s up to us you and I.

the man

the woman

in the mirror.

not the other guy

not the fella down the street

or in the next town.

not up to anyone else

but you and I.

truth is

the hard truth is ….the world can be

how we make it.

how we choose it to be.

we can be at each other’s throats

burn this country to the ground

and everything it hoped to be.

and everything it rose up to

and became so many countless times again

and again.

throughout history.

It ain’t over yet

If America has proven itself

to be anything.

It’s a fourth quarter team

A nation of underdogs.

We play best

when the odds are against us.

It truly is Up to Us.

We can throw in the towel

and for the first time ever in history

Just Give Up.

Or we can make America together

into everything the world hoped

it could be and know it should be.

And it all starts with a dream

And the courage to see it through.

And the desire to make it true ❤.

~ poem “Make It True” by Michael Traveler, author/poet


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