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Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy art supplies. That’s pretty much the same thing, right? ~Keeton’


They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a lot of other things that make people happy.

I think it’s more about happiness coming from the inside and extending to outer things, because money itself is pretty neutral. Money doesn’t really do anything on it’s own.

It’s the love of money, or the worshiping of money that causes problems and that goes the same for art supplies.

It’s not necessarily the more the merrier if you have very little money to spend on art supplies, or very little space to keep them. In those conditions, quality over quantity is the best rule to follow.


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Remember to Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!

Do what you LOVE.

Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Live – Laugh – Love

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now…

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